16-year-old game still alive with young players

Strategy game Dwarf Fortress may be the best game created by a human

Rhys Mahurin, Staffer

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A new generation of players deluge into the classic building game.

Dwarf Fortress is my personal all-time favorite video game. The game has experienced a recent renaissance among younger players who praise it for its immersion and focus upon gameplay rather than razzle-dazzle graphics. It has been developed and worked on over the course of 13 years by two brothers, Tarn and Zack Adams. First created in 2002, it was developed for four years until being release in 2006 and is still being updated regularly more then a decade later.

In the game, you look overhead upon a 2D plane and order your dwarfs to collect wood, stone and iron to build a fort for your dwarves to live and grow. The graphics are text-based like old-fashioned games from the 1970s and 1980s. In the game you use the land around you to create defences and farms as well as large workshops and underground storage houses for your dwarves to create their tools and wares. The purpose of your fort is to survive sieges from goblins from above and cavern beasts below. Build mighty walls, towers and traps. Rise a mighty dwarven military whose job is to kill beasts and protect the fort from foreign and domestic threats.

Dwarf Fortress is the most complex game made by man. It has many layers to making goods and items, and there are many workshops in the game including carpenters, shops, masons, gem cutters, metal forges, drink stills, farmers workshops, weapons forges, boyers shop and many more. Mastering and

The game’s graphics definitely haven’t aged well. But, is the game still worth playing?

learning how all these industries work and bringing in enough resources to keep them running is key to an efficient fortress.

Balancing productivity, expansion, and your dwarves’ sanity is a challenging feat but is worth it in the long run. I would highly encourage people to download this free game and touch it up with graphics of your choice, it’s very hard to learn but quite enjoyable once you do.

Dwarf fortress has a large active community online! Reddit has a thriving Dwarf Fortress community where you can meet tons of other fans willing to help you solve problems and create truly special fortresses.