Fortnite Hacked

Kaylene Barry, Editor

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Over the past few months the video game, Fortnite, has become more popular than ever. Along with the growing crowd of fans, groups of hackers have taken interest in this game. Some players started noticing charges to their Epic Games accounts, some exceeding hundreds of dollars. People who have accounts with Epic Games are told to immediately report any fraudulent charges to their account to their player support. Spokesmen from Epic games announced that they are currently trying to solve the problems. 

The stories of accounts being broken into has not influenced players to stop. This game of survival, and team work is almost addictive to its players, especially adolescent boys. Willamina students are no strangers to this game. Fortnight swept over our community seemingly overnight and it doesn’t look like it will be going anywhere anytime soon. Hopefully our fellow classmates do not fall victim to these hackers and thieves. If you are a player, Epic games has added options to help secure your account. There is now the ability to activate a two-factor authentication for your account as well as a security checklist to strengthen the security of your account.