Is Morty a genius?

In anticipation for season 4, fans create conspiracy theories

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Is Morty a genius?

Emma Nolan, Editor-in-Chief

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If you’ve never seen the show, Rick and Morty is an Adult Swim original based around a grandfather and grandson’s adventures through space and time. The characters are defined by their intelligence: Rick, an alcoholic super genius and his slow grandson Morty. In anticipation for season 4, many fans have taken internet forums to speculate what the show will bring to the table, including the intelligence of the main characters and the origins of evil Morty.

At first glance Morty doesn’t seem to be anything but a dimwitted teenager. However, fans looking closer at the series have found some compelling evidence to the contrary.


In “Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind,” Rick reveals that what he refers to as Morty (brain) waves acts as a camouflage to his genius because the two waves cancel each other out. The problem with this explanation is that for waves to neutralize each other they must be identical. In order for Rick’s genius wave to be canceled, Morty would have to have the exact same “genius” brain wave.

We’ve seen Morty intelligence before. What other 14-year-old could outsmarted a telepathic entity in “Mortynight run” or figure out who was the parasite in “Total Rickall”—even when Rick couldn’t? Does this sound like a stupid teenager or a budding genius?

In “Rick and Ricklaxation” we also get to see what Morty looks like with out his insecurities. With confidence, Morty becomes a successful salesmen on Wall street, showing us that the flaws keeping Mortys stupid is their crippling uncertainty and self-doubt.

Each year Morty’s confidence seems to grow. By season 3, he has already learned how to use Rick’s portal gun, space ship and has routinely unarmed a neutrino bomb.

So, how does Evil Morty fit into all of this?

Several times in the series we have seen images of Rick with a small child who appears to be Morty. However, Rick hasn’t been with his current family’s life for 30 years.

What if the child in these photos is Rick C-137’s original Morty? Raised away from bickering parents, away from an insecure father, Morty would thrive under the guidance of Rick, gaining confidence with each adventure. Evidently, as with all teenagers, the two wouldn’t see eye to eye.

What if, when Rick reappears in the lives of his family in season 1 he was escaping into a different reality, stepping into the family of a Rick who died and away from his original Morty.

Many have speculated that these events have lead to the conception of evil Morty, who framed Rick C-137 in “Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind.”

Evil Morty shows the potential all Morys have for intelligence and may tie up loose ends surrounding Morty’s baby pictures.

This is one of dozens of theories circulating the web, however besides from hearsay there has been no official word on the authority of these speculations.