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Cameron VandenBerg, Opinion Editor

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The nature of democracy is that movements and legislation take time to pass, something which was considered revolutionary at the time of its conception back in the Roman Republic. Who would have suspected that a group of elected officials would not only succeed greater than monarchies at the time, but surpass nearly all civilizations in world history for its growth in every area- scientific, cultural, and tactical? This is perhaps due to the thorough approach which must be applied to every law which is passed, to be sure that they are perfect in their wording and definitions so that they are applied well. Monarchies serve as the opposite to this: with one person as the head of state, the people have one leader to unify behind who can also immediately create laws on a whim to solve immediate issues.

Many in today’s age have forgotten the purpose of this, though. We prefer instant gratification, after all. I’d even care to wager that instead of working for the common good, many of modern society would be content with a monarchy- so long as it applied to their political beliefs. They have ceased to see the value in civil discourse and are what many would refer to as ‘sore losers.’ Meaning that they feel resentful that they lost rather than, despite it, appreciating the gift that this form of government has allowed for them to take part in.

In the United States and other democratic republics, it is important to remember that you have to have patience and persistence above all else.