Dr Money and the history of separating sex and gender.

The dark history of the transgender community.

Rhys Mahurin, Staffer

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There is a grand plague facing this nation. It is not a sickness of flesh, but it can damage the flesh beyond repair. The sickness cannot be caught from animals or anywhere in nature. It is man-made designed to inflict suffering, confusion, and sorrow in its victims. It is passed from person-to-person,or from information source to person, much like microbes in water to a population. However, it carries no physical form. We will first have to examine the man who popularized such sickness, Dr. John Money, and yes that is is his real birth name.

Dr. Money was born on July 8th, 1921 in New Zealand. He was raised there and went to Victoria University of Wellington in 1944 and graduated with a degree in Psychology. He was the first scientist to make a distinction between gender and sex, and speculate that gender is something grown into and taught rather than born into. He has an extensive collection of experiments, studies and papers on the matter. Then, he got the chance to test his theory. In 1966, a failed circumcision performed on 8-month old David Reimer left him without a penis. Dr.Money jumped on the chance to test his theory. He pressured David’s parents to participate in his experiment and had the parents agree to a removal of Davids testicles at age two and to name him Brenda as well as raise him as a female. The parents reluctantly agreed, as John reassured the parents this would be fine.

David’s parents tried hard to make to make his life that of a girl’s. They gave David all the toys of a girl as well as a push towards feminine interests such as makeup and baking cookies. However, as time progressed, David became masculine and wanted to play with his twin brother Brian’s toys more and more. This would not quite be the end of the experiment. Dr. Money would also bring the boys in for interviews, physicals and experiments. He would ask them questions regarding their sexuality and feelings about life. Parts of these examinations were simple weight and height measurements, but others were also rather sinister. It included ‘genital inspections’ in which he took pictures of the boys on at least one occasion and had the boys perform sexual acts upon one another. When they refused, Dr. Money would yell at the boys, often scaring them into doing what he asked. This went on for several years. Dr. Money’s reason for these “Sexual rehearsals” was that he believed they would create a healthy adult life for the boys.

David later came to world shattering realization he was not a girl around age 10. Around their teen years both of the twins developed depression. Brian developed schizophrenia and David developed severe depression after his discovery. Both of the brothers committed suicide. Most scholarly sources agree that this was because of the lies and abuse these boys suffered at the hands of this mad and unethical scientist, and yet we use his findings for most of our understanding of gender and sex.

We should wait to experiment and acknowledge transgenderism in people until a person is a fully grown adult at 21 years of age, and of a healthy mind. These experiments caused the death two good men. The pseudo-scientific terms spawned from this madman are widely used today unchecked. This is an appalling act of the possible evils of psychology and his ideas should be reevaluated thoroughly.