Winter sports player spotlight

WHS students recognized for athletics

Vivyan Lopez, Staffer

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Kaya McLean, Trinity Sherwood, Andrew Allen, and Matthew Leno, were chosen for the winter sports player spotlight. They were asked a series of questions and here are the results!

Kaya McLean:

Why do you like this basketball?
Kaya McLean: Because it lets me get my anger out, and it’s fun to play.

How long have you been playing this sport?
Kaya McLean: Since 6th grade.

What is your favorite memory?
Kaya McLean: When we were playing at Sheridan earlier this year, we were in the locker room and I slipped and fell.

Trinity Sherwood:

Why do you like to cheer?
Trinity Sherwood: My sister did it in her high school career when I was in 5th grade and I would always go to her practices and competitions. I always wanted to follow in her footsteps.

How long have you been playing this sport?
Trinity Sherwood: All 4 years of high school.

What is your favorite memory?
Trinity Sherwood: My sophomore year of state competition, when we got 4th place out of the 13 schools competing and then we went to a hotel afterwards and it was just the best time.

Andrew Allen:

Why do you like wrestling?
Andrew Allen: It’s very fun active sport that keeps me in shape.

How long have you been in this sport?
Andrew Allen: This is my eighth year.

What is your favorite memory?
Andrew Allen: Going to lake Billy Chinook with the wrestling team.

Matthew Leno:

Why do you like basketball?
Matthew Leno: Because it gets my mind off of the bad things.

How long have you been playing this sport?
Matthew Leno: This is my third year.

What’s your favorite memory?
Matthew Leno: Making my first shot.