13 Movies to Watch on Friday the 13th that are on Netflix

From slashers to deadly infections to ghosts and more!

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13 Movies to Watch on Friday the 13th that are on Netflix

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  1. Would You Rather. Directed by David Guy Levy, this film is a psychological thriller and came out in 2012. This movie takes the classical party game of “Would You Rather’ and gave it a sadistic twist, where Iris the main character must play the game in order to get a donor match for her sick brother. Will Iris make it out alive or fail and face the consequences.

  1. It Follows, directed by David Robert Mitchell. It Follows is a supernatural film that was released in 2014. The film follows a teenage girl named Jay who after a sexual encounter starts to be followed by a malevolent supernatural force that she is unable to see and won’t stop following.

  1. The Human Centipede, a Dutch horror film that was released in 2009 from director Tom Six. This movie is not for the faint of heart, not only is it referred to as one of the nastiest horror films of all time but disturbing as well. The story is about 3 tourists in Germany who get captured by a surgeon and operate on them.

  1. Children of the Corn by Stephen King and directed by Fritz Kiersch came out in 1984. The story takes place in a small close minded town of Gatlin Nebraska where there are nothing but fields of corn where a spirit forces the children of the town begin to ritually murder adults. A classic movie people of all ages should watch.

  1. The Babadook was directed by Jennifer Kent and is an Australian Horror film. Widowed mother Amelia who is exhausted deals with her child’s behavioral problems and being a single parent. One night her son Samuel begs her to read a book, where soon after strange occurrences begin to take place in their tired home.

  1. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. This slasher film was directed by Jonathan Liebesman. If you love blood, gore and the fearful screams of humans this movie is for you. It starts with a woman who dies giving birth in a slaughterhouse where the baby is thrown into the trash, soon the baby is found by a woman who takes it in as her own. The baby soon grows to be a curious teen that plays with animals in ways that most dare don’t. But will he take it farther?

  1. The Nightmare is a documentary directed by Rodney Ascher. This film shows the realism of how some people live through a horror everyday of their life. It looks into the world of sleep paralysis, a state of being awake or falling asleep but you are unable to move but are able to hear, feel or see things resulting in ultimate fear.

8. Jeruzalem, directed by Doron and Yoav Paz is an Israeli horror film that will scare you and give you some laughs. A group of young college students go on a trip to Jerusalem, the people of Jerusalem act weird, the environment is weird and this all adds up when suddenly the city under attack by supernatural forces from beyond the grave.


  1. Viral is an American science fiction film directed by Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost. 2 teenagers Emma and Stacey find themselves in a new town and new school but suddenly a parasitic outbreak occurs and it leaves them trapped in their home and the county is put under quarantine. People become aggressive, spit up blood and aren’t human, will they survive?

  1. Train to Busan, directed by Yeon Sang-Ho takes Snakes on a Plane to a whole new level. A man with his kid are aboard a train when a deadly zombie virus breaks out on the train. They try to make the journey out of the city to the only non infected city, Busan. Can the two make it out from the virus?

  1.  Creep was directed by Patrick Brice. One day a video recorder, Aaron answers a request of a dying man who wants to make a video for his unborn son. The requests are small at first and aren’t anything insane, but soon the requests become bizarre and very strange and downright dangerous.

  1. Pontypool, a Canadian horror film that was directed by Bruce McDonald. As Grant arrives for another ordinary day of work at his radio station, him and his co worker soon begin getting word of a virus that is raging in their town. He tries to give warning but the warning is what causes the infection.

  1. Hush. This movie was directed by Mike Flanagan. The story follows deaf author Madison who lives isolated in the woods, but soon her neighbor /friend is killed by a masked man who then decides to make Madison his next victim after discovering she is deaf. This movie is an instant thriller and will have you biting your nails.